HAT Token Sale

Did you miss out on the Twetch Rare Hats? Now is your chance to own a part of <5% of the Twetch Rare Hat market including #5!
I have tokenised FIVE of my Twetch Rare Hat NFTs and the associated mint condition physical Items, Including one of the highest number Twetch Rare Hats available #5.

The Twetch Rare Hats guaranteed MINIMUM asking prices on Twetch Market

Rare Hat #5 - $2,000,000
Rare Hat #10 - $999,999
Rare Hat #20 - $499,999
Rare Hat #41 - $109,999
Rare Hat #45 - $99,999

$HAT Supply & Redemption Info

1,000,000 $HAT Total Supply

$HAT redemption wallet will receive 50 % of the revenue from the sale of Twetch Rare Hat #5, #10, #20, #41 and #45 and the associated physical items soon as they get sold through the Twetch market.

Each token is redeemable only ONCE for 0.0001% of the current balance of the $HAT redemption wallet

There are going to be many variables as this token progresses, such as when other holders have redeemed their tokens, Twetch Rare Hat price increases over time and if the price of BSV appreciates after the first Twetch Rare Hat sale. I have given some examples below using the MINIMUM prices.

Example: Alice buys 10,000 tokens, Twetch Rare Hat #10 is sold for $999,999, Alice with 10,000 tokens could choose to redeem 1% of the $HAT wallet balance now containing $499,998 in BSV. Her return would be $4,999 and the tokens will be BURNT leaving remaining token holders with more returns from further Twetch Rare Hat sales.

Example 2: Bob buys 10,000 tokens, Bob holds until all Twetch Rare Hats are sold to redeem his tokens, Bob with 10,000 tokens would then redeem 1% of the $HAT wallet balance now containing (at the time of sale of each hat) a minimum of $1,854,998 in BSV. Bob would get $18,549.

The $HAT Redemption wallet public address will be posted here upon the sale of the first Twetch Rare Hat. Any token burns will also be listed here publicly.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I also own Rare Hat #13 but this is not included.

This token sale will give users who missed out with the 30 second sellout sale of the "Twetch Rare Hat NFT" a chance to own a piece of the Twetch Rare Hat Market upside without buying a whole Twetch Rare Hat.

The first Twonks protocol token to be tokenised on Run !

1,000,000 tokens will be available to purchase at a discounted rate of 0.0008 BSV

Tokens are available to purchase on the RelayX Exchange on now!

Buy Now on RelayX

View $HAT supply & distribution on bsv.run explorer https://bsv.run/hat/

The physical Twetch Rare Hats are currently stored in a safe.
If anything should happen to me, family members are aware of the terms of this token sale and will take over management of the wallets and physical items.