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This site was created in 2019 to catalog my journey into the world of Bitcoin SV, i will be testing and reviewing as much of the Bitcoin SV ecosystem as possible. I am by no means a BSV Guru yet, but I intend on becoming one as this site grows with the Bitcoin SV community. So why not join me for the ride.

Some background on myself, I will go into more details in my blog posts going forward.

I am from London in the UK, I have been into Bitcoin and other crypto currencies since late 2013. Over the years I have been a miner, a trader and have run mining pools, block explorers, online wallets and other services.

*April 2021 update - The Bitcoin SV ecosystem is now thriving and there are now applications and services that are pushing hundreds of transactions and megabytes of data to the blockchain every 10 mins. I will be reviewing applications and services that utilise the Bitcoin SV blockchain on a regular basis on this website.

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Bitcoin SV Marketcap and Charts

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